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A new song!

2009-03-24 09:50:00 by Pealex


Hello NG (:

I just finished my first song on my OWN! (Pealex - Candybar)

It's uploaded so i hope it will show up on my audio soon ;)

Have a fantastic day.



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2009-03-24 19:00:17

No song yet, it should show up right away. You should try to re-upload it.

Pealex responds:

Yeah, I uploaded a song like 5 days ago and one 3 days ago .. and it still says:

Thanks for submitting to the Audio Portal! Since you're a new contributor here, you will need to be approved by one of our Audio Moderators before your Audio submission shows up on the site. Our Audio Moderators work on a volunteer basis and will get to your entry as soon as they can, so please be patient as sometimes they get over loaded.

I've got e-mails for both of them saying that they are uploaded and what URL I should give to my friends..
I wrote a PM to a Admin yesterday, but he probably just deleted it without reading it =/

My Mediaplayer plays "Cayler - Beautiful Eyes" 24/7 dude, I love it ;D